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Following we present you some programmes for one day excursions, which we organized already for big groups, moving in tourist coaches.

All programmes were tailor made according to the interests of each group, depending on the desired dates of departure and respecting the duration, the groups asked for.

The trips follow our philosophy, making emphasis in the traditions, the ethnography, the local festivities, the autochthonous gastronomy, etc., offering visits and activities, which are normally unknown to the visitors but breathe the rural Andalusian lifestyle. Even so they are adapted to allow easy access for the tourist coaches and use spacious facilities for groups of bigger sizes.

The prices indicated in each programme were calculated for a minimum participation of 40 persons – with a maximum capacity of 54 persons (one tourist coach) – but we ask you to contact us for prices, terms and conditions and possible programmes for groups of any size.

We hope you like our suggestions. Please find more ideas about possible elements for your routes in our section "Tailor made". We will be happy to coordinate your bespoke excursion or tour.

Monda and the olive harvest Sensations, flavours and aromas Casarabonela and Los Rondeles
Monda and the olive harvest
Sensations, flavours and aromas
Casarabonela and Los Rondeles
Andalusians rural world

Coming soon...
Las Alpujarras

Coming soon...

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Please indicate if there are any participants who need special attentions (handicapped, allergic persons, vegetarians, etc. ...)

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