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PARKNATUR TURISMO RURAL Y ACTIVO S.L. is a company specialized in routes and round trips through the Natural Parks and rural villages of Andalusia, combining Active Tourism and nature with cultural and agro-alimentary activities, workshops, etc. The idea is to show our guests the authentic Andalusia with all its cultural and historic variety, its agriculture, its ethnography, etc. For more information please check the web page section “OUR PHILOSOPHY”.

The company is registered with the number AT/MA/00104 in the so called REAT (Register of Companies of Tourism Activities) of the Andalusian Government Junta de Andalucía and fulfils all actual laws regarding rules, legislation, security and approved materials.

PARKNATUR TURISMO RURAL Y ACTIVO S.L. is the youngest creation of the group PROMARKETING which contains at the moment another four different companies.


Since more than 25 years now Promarketing S.L. is dedicated to the promotion of practically all touristic leisure companies of the Costa del Sol, organizing the distribution of their brochures in more than 700 selling points, including hotels, Travel Agencies and Tourism Offices.

The company also developed an informatics system, allowing the receptionists or collaborating employees to reserve and sell on-line the entrance tickets to the attractions, leisure parks, excursions, etc., by charging the client directly, editing the voucher and handing it over to the client on the spot. Promarketing S.L. takes care of the billing of the collaborators and the payments to the leisure companies.

Since several years Promarketing S.L. extended its services to other provinces of Andalusia, creating new companies, which offer the above explained labours in their corresponding areas. CADIZMARKETING realizes the same tasks as Promarketing S.L. in the province of Cadiz, while JOYAMARKETING takes care of the rest of Andalusia through two different delegations. The delegation “Occidental Andalusia” operates in Seville, Huelva, Cordoba and the Portuguese region of the Algarve. The delegation “Oriental Andalusia” covers the provinces of Granada, Almeria and the region of Murcia.
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Is the wholesale/retail Travel Agency, permitting to reserve on-line and through internet hotels on the Costa del Sol at very competitive prices. It also developed a special software programme for the management and promotion of touristic destinies.
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This rural country house is situated in unique and idyllic surroundings in the very heart of the Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves. At only 24 km from the magic city of Ronda and at a distance of 10 km by dirt track from the national road A 397 Ronda-San Pedro de Alcántara it is surrounded by pure nature, bordering zones with protection level A – the most protected and limited zones of any Natural Park, due to its varied and in many occasions unique fauna and flora. It has two independent floors and can be rented completely or per apartment. Each apartment has a natural capacity of 6 persons, which can be extended to a maximum of 8 persons by using the existing sofa beds.

The ground floor is perfectly adapted for handicapped persons in wheelchairs.
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Jose María Yagüe Martínez Jose María Yagüe Martinez is the president of the group Promarketing and the pushing force behind the project Parknatur.

He is one of the pioneers of tourism at the Costa del Sol and has more than 40 years of experience in the touristic industry. He was director of very prestigious touristic complexes at the coast and one of the first to create animation departments in the hotels he managed. He also was director of the most important touristic nightclubs and shows like “Los Violines” and the still existing “Sala Fortuna”.

Among other well-known activities he developed the Medieval show “Cámelot”, the horse show “Ritmo a Caballo” and the famous “Feria del Sur”. The two latter ones are still today a full success and a must for the visitors of the whole Costa del Sol. He is president and founding member of A.P.E.C.O. – the Provincial Association of leisure parks and companies of the province of Malaga.

Resumed in a few words he is a real specialist in the creation and management of companies, planned to please and entertain the visitors of the Costa del Sol. Consequently he is a professional with the necessary experience and contacts to develop this new project, assuring a perfect service and unforgettable tours and round trips.

Sandra Rubi Sandra Rubi is a voluntary citizen of Andalusia since more than 16 years. Also of German nationality she deeply loves this region and is dedicated in body and soul to show it to the visitors.

For years she guided them to the classical sites of tourist interest. In the following years she travelled to the most remote corners of the Andalusian provinces to discover rural houses and charming country hotels as director of a wholesale/retail Travel Agency of rural tourism.

She lived the day to day running of a charming rural hotel managing a hotel establishment with 15 rooms near Ronda.

In an Incentive Agency she was dedicated during nearly 3 years to organize travels for business groups, guaranteeing them unique and unforgettable experiences and sensations. Afterwards she began her career in the group Promarketing.

She is the ideal person to plan on the spot and on a simple road map of Andalusia personalized routes and round trips, which adapt to your interests and combine all important aspects as activities/work-shops, cultural visits and relaxing moments.