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Welcome to Parknatur
Have you been already several times in our province and do think you know Andalusia already? Is it the first time that you come and would you like to see something more than just sun and beach? We invite you to experience the essence of Andalusia with all your senses, offering you unusual sensations in the Natural Parks and rural villages, which will show you all the colours, aromas, flavours, traditions, local festivities and the daily life of the Andalusian countryside, were the world seems to have stopped and life is still ruled by a rhythm, very different to the one we live today.

Discover marvelous landscapes, which you wouldn’t see in the classic excursions, while passing the countryside on dirt tracks or wandering on hiking routes. Visit with us handicraft workshops, family run traditional cheese factories, live the excitement of being surrounded by bees from special protective suits and learn all about the fascinating world of beehives, about organic farming, the collection of olives, oranges, chestnuts and other fruits, on old agricultural hardware and tools, local gastronomy, etc. Many experiences that will seduce all your senses and ensure unforgettable memories. We are sure that we will be able to surprise you.

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Full day excursions
Weekend tours
One week tours
Group excursions
Our full day excursions follow our philosophy and show you parts of Andalusia that are not included in the classic excursions. Individual visitors as well as groups are welcome to join us until reaching our maximum capacity of 13 persons. Our tours are offered each day, Monday through Friday and can be reserved “on-line” on our webpage. For more information about our programmes please click below. Our roundtrips for weekends or bank holidays include agro-alimentary elements and all the flavor of the villages, combined with an overnight in charming rural hotels or country houses that breathe the typical local architecture. These routes are organized on specific dates and any interested person can book and pay by credit card directly on-line. The one week routes extend the geographic radius from county–level to provincial level, offering a wide range of activities, visits and workshops that will satisfy even the most demanding, while passing normally through more than one Natural Park. One of our routes combines even two different provinces of very different characteristics in order to make the trip even more interesting. Just as the full day excursions and weekend tours they have a closed itinerary and are organized on specific dates – open to all public and allowing on-line booking. The routes for groups between 40-54 persons necessarily have to be adapted regarding their characteristics, as we move in touristic coaches and need places to visit with enough space to host the whole group. We organized a number of routes, which follow our philosophy, featuring unknown visits and activities that are impregnated by the Andalusian rural life style, without losing the comfort a group of this size needs to move without difficulty.
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